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This 1,100HP Mazda Miata Humiliates Ford Mustang In Quarter Mile

Which vehicle would win a quarter-mile drag race between a Mazda Miata and a Ford Mustang? Of course, if the cars were stock, you’d expect nothing but the Mustang to take the first place. I mean, the Miata isn’t exactly known for its straight-line speed, is it? But hey, these are drag cars through and through. And that means you can strike off the thought that they’re both stock.

Let’s add some numbers to this… If you put a 1,100-horsepower Miata next to a 1,500 horsepower Mustang, which one would win? Have fun finding out with an amusing and brilliant vehicle called the Mr Mattman’s Turtle Miata.

The ‘Stang takes 8.33 seconds to complete the quarter-mile, but the lightweight Miata completes it in an astounding 8.26 seconds. That’s almost a tie, but as Vin Diesel told us, a win is a win. Even Marlon, the Mustang driver, felt that way. He posted a video from close to the finish line with the caption:

“Very close race; we will bring more pressure next year, definitely the best experience I’ve had racing!”

Mr Mattman isn’t afraid to disclose what sits beneath the hood of his Miata, and he’s put together a YouTube channel for this very reason.

This is the fastest Miata we’ve ever seen, but it’s not the only one that hits the spot. We’ve seen some incredibly Miatas over the year thanks to it being a more than capable chassis to build from. It’s incredibly light, has plenty of space for a large engine swap, and while its chassis isn’t overly rigid, this can be cured with some mods.

Watch and enjoy!

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