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This $12 Million Mansion Comes With A 50-Car Garage And Its Own Dyno

Rural Montana has spoilt us with this incredible mansion that’s not only gorgeous in itself but sees to all of our nerdy petrol head wants. It’s not just surrounded by woodland and a damn mountain, but has the garage space to hold fifty cars. And if you’re thinking that’s just about as good as it gets, then no. It also has a dyno, so when your rich mates come round with their own supercars, you can finally prove to them that your car is the one making the big power. Drinks on the loser, right?

Oh, and when you’ve used or your fuel number-hunting, you don’t have to drive far to fill up. It’s got a gas station right on the property.

2100 N Ford Road in Big Sky, as you may have guessed, is huge, encompassing a number of properties over 20-acres of land. It was built in 1987, and the 9000 square-foot home with four bedrooms, five bathrooms, a gourmet kitchen, and a standard oversized two-car garage sits at the end of a gated community. Look out the window, and you’ll be treated to one of the greatest views in the world.

But as you drive up the driveway you’ll notice another entrance. This goes to an underground structure, which will keep your fleet of 50 vehicles undercover. And thanks to a maintenance room with a two-post lift and a built-in dynamometer, it doesn’t get much better. Got a Tesla? There’s a charger for one of them. Got a dirty car? There’s an indoor wash station.

Like I mentioned, there’s a 1,000-gallon fuel station, and living quarters for your staff. Plus, there’s a guest house with an RV hookup.

$12 million suddenly doesn’t sound like too much…

See the listing here.

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