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This 1969 Ford Mustang Fastback Has Some Pretty Unusual Modifications

‘Well what have we here?’ I hear you ask. I’m sure to some of you, you can see that this is a 1969 Ford Mustang Fastback, but there is something a little different about it that you can’t quite put your finger on?

You’d be right, there is a little something different about this particular specimen and we’ve got the ladies and gents over at Classic Detroit to thank for that. So what exactly have they done to the Fastback? Well it turns out, quite a lot.. let me run you through it.

First and foremost, and most obviously, is the roof and body which have been shorted to take the best part of half a foot out of the vehicles profile. There will be a few out there who think this kind of modification is abhorrent and should never see the light of day, but you have to admit it is an interesting take on the classic Mustang look.

In order to preserve some semblance of the cars history, Classic Detroit have left a number of the vehicles original parts on the Fastback including; the chrome front and rear bumpers, turn signals on the hood scoop and a 1970 Mustang Boss 302 inspired red striping package.

In terms of new parts which have been installed into the Fastback include a new blacked out panel at the rear housing the brand new and bespoke light bar as well as massive 17-inch Coys alloy wheels. The interior of the vehicle has retro seats with red accents, a ‘very retro’ AM/FM/CD stereo, a sports steering wheel and air conditioning.

While we cannot find any information about what kind of horsepower this thing has under the hood, we do know that it sports a 428 cubic-inch V8 paired with a Tremec TKO600 five-speed manual transmission. Other modifications include an upgraded trailing arm setup from a 2001 Ford Mustang and a Mopar-style torsion bar at the front.

The listing can be found on Streetside Classics and currently has 1,052 miles on the clock and an asking price of $116,995.

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