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This 3,300HP Turbocharged Dodge Viper Is The Most Powerful Ever

The Dodge Viper is still one of the most popular sports vehicles in the United States, despite being out of production for years. It’s a batsh*t sports car with little interest in keeping its driver safe, and the V10 powerplant is something of a legend.

It appears that modifying a Viper is quite fashionable right now, and proving this point, Nth Moto has produced something truly remarkable. They’ve developed what they’re calling “Kratos,” a Viper capable of producing north of 3,000 hp, which, to our knowledge, may be the most powerful Viper ever built.

This wild car, which was shown at FL2K21 by That Racing Channel on YouTube, is an absolute behemoth. All in all, this incredible machine produces around 3,300 horsepower and is perfectly designed for unleashing havoc on the drag strip.

This sports car is packed with features, and the complete list of specifications would break most people’s minds. Kratos is a Gen 5 Viper that must be able to drive as a road vehicle as well as a dragster to be able to compete. It uses one ethanol R as fuel, and surprisingly, it still has an OEM Viper block with OEM heads, power steering, air conditioning, and this sends power through an ATI Nth Motor 400 Automatic conversion. And just like something from James Bond, the handbrake releases the chute at the end of the strip.

Power is one thing, but how does it put it down? Despite the fact that the vehicle was still very new from its construction and had done no running in of any kind, Kratos was able to reach 208 mph on its fastest run. It’s fitted with 315 ET Street Radio Pro tires, the largest available, to give it as much traction as possible on the drag strip while avoiding creating too much drag. In fact, Nth Motor’s entire portfolio of Dodge Vipers is simply incredible, with them bringing more than one to the drag strip.

The world’s fastest IRS Turbo Viper, which is also an incredible accomplishment, is on the Nth Motor team’s shoulders. Juggernaut was formerly the most powerful Viper on the dyno, with about 3,240 hp before Kratos came along.

On the dyno, Kratos produced a laughing-because-I’m-scared amount of horsepower, with the figure coming in at 3,306. The Delta Series Combination Viper, which was brought to the event by the team, was equally amazing; it produced around 2,000 wheel horsepower and about 2,200bhp. Simply astonishing.

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