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This Apocalypse Ford Bronco Is Ready For An Arctic Grand Tour

The Bronco was one of the most exciting cars to come from Ford over the past few years. Not only did it encompass everything its fans wanted from such a vehicle, but then Ford added a number of variants to push the car into different niches. There was one niche that was left out, however. The ‘6-wheeled, running from zombies but gonna survive’ niche. This truck from Apocalypse Manufacturing fills that all too important void.

This shop, based in Florida, has built a tree-axle, six-wheeled version of the Ford Bronco, showing us that maybe the off-roading Badlands version wasn’t quite as hardcore as the Bronco could get. And while we don’t know anything about the powertrain or chassis, we do know what it looks like thanks to social posts from the company.

This 6×6 Bronco will likely have a number of engine options, but these are yet to be confirmed as is pricing, although we expect it to be well into the six-figure mark.

Come on, look at it! This is begging for a trip to the Arctic Circle. Any takers?

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