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This Audi Quattro Restomod Makes 1,000HP From A Turbo Diesel Engine

The Audi Quattro was, and still is, a hero of the Group B Rally era. It used one of the first AWD systems to be used in anything other than off-roading, and that made it one hell of a force to be reckoned with on the stages. The thing is, this means these Quattros are extremely expensive, so many fans have resorted to buying the lower specced variants and modding them. This restomod from LCE Performance found in Markdorf, Germany, is the perfect example of this, and it’s been done very, very well.

How Does It Look?

A host of aftermarket intakes have been added to the front of the car to improve the amount of air that can be sucked into the turbocharged five-cylinder engine. It’s angular, sports BBW wheels, and it has wide flares just like its Group B counterpart.

What’s Under The Hood?

Under that red vented hood sits a 2.5-litre turbo diesel from an Audi A6. It’s a five-cylinder layout with a 92.8 mm crankshaft, forged pistons, and H-beam rods. The cylinder head comes from an Audi S2, and with a TTE 1200 turbo and the wastegate from an RS2, it makes quite a bit of power. The last time this car went on a dyno, it ran 700 horsepower on 29lbs of boost.

With 49lbs of boost, it hit 1,081 horsepower. Thankfully, it features a Quattro AWD system to maintain traction when putting those horses to the tarmac.

The Sound?

Well, as you can imagine, it not only looks great, but sounds the part, too. The video features several drive-by audio clips as the car races between snow-covered fields, and while it doesn’t hit the snow, we sure wished it did. That’s exactly what something like this would be made for. Although, maybe not with a thousand horsepower…

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