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This Chevrolet Corvette-Based Kit Car Looks Insane

Kit cars can come in one of two forms to be honest, some are astounding and others look, sound and drive horribly – thankfully, we think this one is the former. Miami based DDR Motorsport have come up with one gorgeous looking vehicle in the form of the Grullon GT8. The GT8 utilises a spaceframe chassis, with composite bodywork weighing a spritely 2,700 pounds and we haven’t even got to the best bit yet – its actually a C5 Chevy Corvette based kit car and most of its parts come from the the C5 itself.

We mentioned the spaceframe already, which features a steel floor, fibreglass body panels, front windshield (phew), radiator, centre console, radiator and quite a few other bits and bobs to boot. Unfortunately the list of what the vehicle doesn’t come with is just as long it seems as the Grullon GT8 doesn’t come with an engine, shocks, steering wheel, seats, seat belts, transmission, springs or a wiring harness as well as much more.

The car is designed to be built at home of course, but for a fee DDR Motorsport can do the entire build for you. The GT8 featured in this article has a naturally aspirated V8 from the C5 under the hood which produces 345 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque. With this being a rear wheel drive vehicle, all that power is headed straight to the back via a six speed manual gearbox which comes straight from a Porsche Boxster S. Also featured is a Kennedy Engineered Products adapter plate, a clutch assembly and a PSI Performance engine harness alongside an ECU.

Going through to the interior now you’ll find a relatively basic cabin which includes red accents and stitching, a digital instrument panel, air conditioning (which to be honest we were quite surprised by), Wildwood brake, fixed-back bucket seats and clutch pedal assembly. On the outside, you’ve got 20 inch wheels, adjustable carbon fibre wing and a roof scoop – with a weight of just why of 2,900 pounds, that isn’t too shabby.

This specific build was completed last September and yes of course, it is street legal. At the moment the bids currently stand at around $10,000 but we can imagine this’ll gain a lot more than that in the coming days.

If anyone fancies buying one for your good friends at Grand Tour Nation, we would happily oblige – please and thank you.

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