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This Chevy C8 Corvette Can Top The 200mph Mark

Hennessey Performance have been making the headlines this week for becoming the first company on record to get over 200mph out of a C8 Corvette. The beauty of this achievement is that Hennessey have hit this milestone by basically using a stock vehicle with limited modifications (bar a little bit of nitrous oxide to get things going), it really goes to show how powerful the C8 is straight out of the box.

In the video below, Hennessey explains what needed to happen to the C8 to get it over the 200mph mark, including adding additional power and making some aero modifications. The car had already been equipped with he Z51 aero package which gives the C8 a top speed of 184mph down from 194mph, due to excess drag and downforce.

In order to remedy this issue, Hennessey took the massive spoiler straight off of the car, which makes it a lot more slippery on the road. As well as the aerodynamic modifications, more power was required to take the 495-bhp beast past the 200mph mark. In order to fix this minor issue, Hennessey just went and shoved a massive bottle of nitrous into the boot of the car, providing the vehicle with a huge additional surge of 155 extra horsepower. This gave the C8 a total of 650 horses under the boot and allowed the car to hit 205.1 mph in a single pass.

The actual record itself at the Continental Tye proving grounds of Uvalde, Texas is over pretty quickly (as you’d imagine) and the rest of the six minute video is filled with some pretty intriguing behind the scenes moments. All in all, we’re pretty impressed by the lack of modifications required by Hennessey to take the Corvette over 200mph and the video is testament to how much of a monster the C8 Corvette actually is.

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