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This CyberVan Could Be The Perfect Brother To The Tesla CyberTruck


Feast your eyes on the future of family vehicles, the Cyber Brubaker Box! Designed by Samir Sadikhov, this storied concept has roots in 1970s SoCal culture. However, it also maintains a very contemporary take on minivans, with obvious allusions to the Tesla CyberTruck. The reasons for that, are actually quite interesting.

The original Curtis Brubaker designed kit car, dubbed the “Brubaker Box,” was a very obscure VW Beetle-based bolt-on. Which, since its debut in 1973, has become more iconic for its unflinching avante-garde take on tiny futuristic vans. This OG Brubaker Box is beautifully adapted by Sadikhov, with the updated steel body, and the sustainable interior materials. Certainly, that would beat the vinyl and shag carpet one might find in the surviving classic Boxes.



Of course, the wooden bumper, and the general shape of the original carry through to this design, as well as the interesting single side-door. The bench back seat, with what can be seen as a screen (playing Rick & Morty) would make for the chillest of hang out spots.

Now, how this ties into the Cybertruck… Well, in ’78 Curtis Brubaker published another concept, which was cited as an influence on Tesla’s latest vehicle. It was clearly kin to Brubaker’s other futuristic design, but undeniably less boxy. If you look while squinting, you could easily mistake the ute layout and geometry of the two vehicles.

With only a handful of original Brubaker kit cars still in existence, these kinds of renders are the labors of love this tale needs to live on. If Tesla were to make a van in the future, I hope they would turn to renders like this for inspiration. In the meantime, we just have to imagine.


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