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This Dodge Challenger Demon Is Now An Insane Muscle Truck

The ute was made famous in Australia when manufacturers started making more utilitarian versions of sports cars. They’d maintain their high-performance nature, but now with a truck bed at the rear to haul all sorts of cargo. America did this for a while, too, with cars like the El Camino, and they were very popular.

When I saw popular, I don’t necessarily mean they sold well. If they sold well then they’d still be new cars like this for sale today. What I mean is, everyone seems to like them. So check out this Dodge Challenger Hellcat that’s been rendered into a ute.

Can This Render Please Persuade Dodge To Build One?

We’ve featured Al Yasid on this website before with plenty of his renders being loved by you lot. Now, he’s tugging at our heart string again with this highly modified Hellcat ute. Not only has it been given a truck bed, but it has a widebody kit, too and much larger wheels making this truly worthy of the name, Hell Camino.

As I’m sat here writing, I can’t help but agree with how good this looks and how well the Challenger body lends itself to a ute layout. It couldn’t be any more perfect, although I’m sure some of you won’t be huge fans of the very angular front end. Or the cameras that have replaced the side mirrors for that matter.

It’s Not Yet Finished

There’s still plenty of work to go, with Al Yasid writing that he’s not yet finished the tailgate of this crazy conversion, so I’m sure we’ll see something on his Instagram page soon enough and we’ll be sure to update you.

But until that happens, I’m still trying to take the design of this mad vehicle in. The wheels alone are intricate, with a deep dished design at the back and a striking, large diameter design up front.

It’s very cool, and we hope you like it, too.

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