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This Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Wagon Will Kill The SUV

In the motoring world there is nothing better than a wagon. And this Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat seems to be top of the list at the moment. Of course, it’s only a rendering, but if Dodge was to put something like this onto the market, we’re sure it would kill the SUV.

Looking similar to the Magnum, Dodge’s wagon that the Charger was originally sold alongside, it features the widebody that can be found on the real Charger Hellcat Widebody variant. Under the hood would sit the unchanged supercharged 6.2-liter Hemi V8 that delivers 707 horsepower and 650 lb-ft of torque, and of course it would go to the rear wheels… unless you think it might be more worthwhile going to all four wheels? Hm, the mind boggles.

The roofline has been extended to reach the wagon rear, but the side of the car has maintained its original design work. The rear of the car features a hatch that opens wide for plenty of loading space.

Inside the car would remain mostly the same, minus plenty of extra cargo space at the rear. And unlike SUVs, this wouldn’t have the drag coefficient of a large and flat brick. This could be the powerful family wagon we all need in our lives, so please FCA – do us a favour and make it?

These renders were made by Pouria Savadkouei 

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  1. I own since new 2005 Magnum AWD – awesome car – in our cold snowy climate it’s superior to anything else as a daily driver . Chrysler never told anyone / advertised the Magnum , and the dealers were too stupid to do the same . They were too lazy to inform the public , or educate the few salesmen that had enough grey matter , to expose the Magnum to this market . Cadillac did nothing as well to advertise hat they had . Our City’s oldest Cadillac dealer never had one for stock – dealer did not even order one ! BBB

  2. Didn”t Dodge learn from the Magnum fiasco ? No one wants a super fast stationwagon. You hardly ever see a Magnum anymore.

    1. Tesla is dead man it will never recover in mountains of debt Musk is already left the building mate that show and front theater got him what needed dont believe the hype

  3. I am absolutely positive this would have little to no effect on the SUV market. Wagons, like Audi, Subaru, Mercedes, etc., most definitely.

  4. Not only do they need to make it. But make it 4 wheel drive to have that extra grip like the trackhawk. As the song goes- Do it! Do it! Do it!

  5. Great Idea but the Mangum was not successful nor was the Caddie wagon, even with the big engine and standard transmission option. Not even the Buick version of the Opal wagon at a bargain price could sell here. I have long though the Tesla S would make a great wagon ana a few specials have been built but all in Europe. Until we get over our obsession with SUVs and Pick-ups wagons here just won’t sell.

  6. I like!! I had an SRT Charger and now have a doctored Challenger T/A. I could handle a wagon like this.of course we’d be pushing $80,000+. Somebody needs to send our replies and renderings to FCA to let them know of our interests.

  7. II would buy that car in a minute my dad had a magnum wagon nice car till somebody stole it so they make this car I’m definitely going to buy it

  8. Still running my Magnum RT from 2005, and will keep her alive until another similar vehicle is on the market. I don’t want a SUV, but I can transport an oven in the back of it (as I did this weekend).

  9. This would not kill the SUV. Sorry but a Dodge Charger no matter if it’s a wagon or not it would never replace anything other than a car for most people.

  10. Needs chargers AWD to be a proper journey replacement otherwise dude is just remaking another Magnum.

  11. I disagree with your headline. As bad-ass as this would be, its not going to kill the suv. I have a journey currently, and I’d LOVE a hellcat…but those are two totally different categories Of vehicles and I believe that people are not giving up their beloved suv’s. The way they fit/ride is so completely different from a station wagon. It didn’t happen with the magnum, its not going to with this. Your suv is running for half the price of the charger srt…and lets be honest, the only model worth buying would be the srt.

  12. I would buy this immediately if produced. I know about 10 others who would do the same. I’m still driving my 05 Magnum and will continue until they get with it. You are losing buying customers DCF!

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