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This Electric Alfa Giulia GT Restomod Produces 518 Horsepower

Electric cars seem to get us in a tiff, so without further ado, here’s one that will really split us down the middle. What you’re looking at is an Alfa Romeo Giulia GT built by Totem Automobili. In fact, it’s their first-ever attempt at a restomod, and boy have the struck gold.

Named the GT Electric, it boasts a powerful all-electric powertrain comprising of a 50.4kWh battery pack and a mid-mounted motor that produces a staggering 518 horsepower. It’s even more impressive when you consider the original car only had 192 odd horsepower. But because of this huge increase in shove, quite a few modifications had to be carried out to the chassis.

First of all, the car has to be dismantled fully before the team can get to work strengthening the body so it doesn’t crumble under its monstrous torque. Unsurprisingly, only 10% of the original chassis makes it through this ordeal. The front corners are treated to a MacPherson suspension setup with manually adjustable Bilstein dampers, and at the rear, there’s an aluminium multilink setup connected to a new rear subframe, again given a Bilstein makeover.

So come on, what are the numbers? Well, 62mph comes in at just 3.4 seconds – likely limited by the amount of grip such a vehicle can produce – and its top speed sits at 152mph. And with it lugging around the low weight of only 1,410kg, it will go 224 miles before it needs to be charged again. A host of carbon fibre replacement parts aids in this, as you’d expect.

The exterior has undergone a slight amount of modernisation with a few LEDS, wide arches, and new wheels, and the interior has undergone some upgrades, too, such as carbon fibre seats, plenty of wood, and oceans of leather. It even has air-con, electric windows, and keyless ignition. Fancy.

So, come on guys. What do you think? Is it pure brilliance, or sacrilege? We’re looking at the former, but would be keen to know your thoughts in the comments below. But, before you comment, bear in mind this: It will make an engine noise if you want it to, and it has a drift button.

Surely this can’t be wrong?

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  1. “And with it lugging around the low weight of only 1,410kg, it will go 224 miles before it needs to be charged again.”

    Unless you actually USE the claimed performance, in which case you might get 150 miles.


    Sorry, electric cars are currently only useful only for urban commuting.

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