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This Epic Batmobile Swiss Clock Costs A Whopping $29,000

This incredible Batmobile which was first seen in the film back in 1989, is now recreated as an exquisite swiss desk clock. And yes it is possible to own one, but only if you have $29,000 to spare.

Since we’ve set the basics, now let us justify why this little Batmobile costs almost as much as a new Audi A3. The Batmobile shell houses a proper mechanical clock, which practically operates through the entire length of the car. Motor1 carefully explains how the delicate yet detailed clock works.

It starts at the air intake, where you’ll see gears on the hood for a large hour and minute cylinders. Behind the numbers are more gears you can watch moving through the tinted windshield, and behind that, if you like, is the Batmobile engine. It’s the clock spring barrels that hold winding energy, and yes, you use a bat-shaped key in the afterburner nozzle to wind it up.

Gallery: 1989 Batmobile X Kross Studio Desk Clock

It’s so much more than a clock, however. The clock-replica is created by the Swiss-based Kross studio. The consistency of Swiss timepieces are admired around the globe, and this clock incorporates no fewer than 34 jewels and 512 parts of which 397 are just the clock alone, in a car that’s approximately 12 inches (298 millimetres) long. It runs at 21,600 beats per hour three clock barrels keep the tock ticking for 30 days before needing to be wound up. While we are not clock experts, the technicalities in this Batmobile seems like an engineering masterpiece.

The body is built from aluminium composite with non-scratch surface, and the chassis was shaped to resemble the original theatrical Batmobile with corresponding dimensions and lengths, and is finished in an intimidating matte black finish. You can even spin the wheels in case you want to resort to your 5-year-old self and pretend you’re the caped crusader. But with a price tag higher than several modern vehicles, this isn’t a toy to drive in the sandbox.

Kross Studios can only produce 100, but it’s very doubtful you’ll see a one at San Diego Comic-Con next year. But if you do, indulge in what might be the most costly small-scale Batmobile ever made.

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