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This Ferrari Testarossa Restomod Has Completely Modern Underpinnings: More Tech, More Power

Ferrari was said to be reinventing the Testarossa and giving it a V12 with 1,000 horsepower in 2019. It never came to fruition. But something far more amazing is on the way from the Italian brand in the shape of a retro-styled supercar, and judging from its previous successes, this is going to be just as good as it sounds.

But, not everyone is interested in what these modern companies have to offer. So when we heard that Officine Fioravanti of Switzerland has built a Testarossa with its classic styling left in place but its underpinnings replaced with modern technology, we got very excited. We first heard about this vehicle in May, and now that the development phase has come to an end, the Swiss firm is ready to show us the completed body design.

Back in May, we were led to believe that the restomod would eschew its 4.9-liter V12 for an all-electric powertrain, but more recent rumours have shown that the internal combustion engine will remain, only now it will be producing 510 horsepower and 442 lb-ft of torque, up from 385 hp and 361 lb-ft in the original.

The manufacturer has not revealed how these power increases are obtained, but we anticipate that more information on the modifications will be released soon. Regardless of how the improvement is achieved, the outcomes are incredible, raising the Testarossa’s top speed to 201 mph from an estimated 180 mph in the ’80s.

In order to handle these added Gs, Fioravanti has added antilock brakes with traction control and Brembo calipers, plus electronically adjustable Ohlins shocks at each corner. And while this car looks exceptionally close to the original car, there are a few differences: notably, the 16-inch wheels have been replaced for 17 and 18-inches at the front and back respectively. Despite the increase in wheel size, the car has lost 287 pounds over the original, although this doesn’t mean it’s lost its pristine level of comfort.

The plastics from the interior have been removed and replaced with aluminum, and the sound system has been upgraded, too, with an interface usable with Apple CarPlay. And while the car still has its own phone, it now has Bluetooth.

This is really something special, and truly a wolf under sheep’s clothing.

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