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This Is How You Modify A VW Beetle – The Perfect Project Car

The Beetle is one of the most iconic cars of all time. It’s known to most as ‘Herby’, but if not, it’s known as one of the most successful cars in the world, released just post-WW2. Only this year it’s been said that the Beetle will end, but that doesn’t mean the projects have to.

What you’re watching is ten year’s worth of blood, sweat and tears. Inspired by riding to the beach in the back of his uncle’s Bug, Adonis has created arguably the best looking Beetle in the world, and it hides one hell of a secret. Lift the rear, and you’ll find a 2.0 litre EJ20 Subaru engine, which itself adorns a T3/T4 turbocharger. Alongside a ported intake, fuel mods and exhaust, the engine puts down 377bhp.

Of course, this many horses in a flimsy classic is just a recipe for disaster, so the owner’s shovelled in a protective roll cage. Suspension has had a going over with custom coilovers and polyurethane bushings, and to assist in stopping the lightweight car, BMW brakes have been fitted to the front and VW brakes to the back. Add a hydraulic handbrake, and you’ve got a car that’s more than happy to slide.

The interior had a full Speed Hunters makeover, and to fit some larger BBS wheels and tyres, wider arches were moulded onto the body. A large wing was the cherry on top for adonis. Can you think of a better way to treat your Bug?

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