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This Is What Inside A Tyre Looks Like While Driving [Insane Go Pro Footage]

This is something we haven’t thought about whatsoever, until we found this video doing its thing on the interwebz. What does a tyre look like from the inside… while moving? Well this video from Warped Perception shows us exactly that, and it’s pretty incredible.

Mounting a GoPro to the barrel of the wheel with a light and then installing the tyre around it, allows the YouTube channel to get never-before-seen footage of the inside of the tyre on the move. The car, in case you were wondering, is a Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG – nice – and the wheel they performed these modifications to is the front-right. The car is setup, and is driven slowly down an alleyway as the camera picks up the effects.

Naturally, you can see the tyres start to change shape as it moulds to the surface of the road. It’s loud to, unsurprisingly, but what is surprising is the amount of debris within the tyre. As the car moves faster, the deformation of the tyre increases, as does it’s volume, and eventually the GoPro comes into contact with the tyre moving it on the mount. Surprisingly, the GoPro did survive regardless of the forces acting upon it – almost as impressive as the footage.

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