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This Is What the 2021 Ford Bronco Will Look Like

Immediately following the news of leaked photos of the Bronco Sport, a photo of the full-size 2021 Bronco appeared on the internet and started making the rounds in the sheet metal without camo or mother nature to hide its features. Just look at it. Does it consume your soul with tender warmth over finally silencing your curiosity? A sense of relief from finally knowing what one of the most anticipated resurrections of an off-roading icon.

Rumors of a removable top have been proven true. This photo proves that the Bronco will be a serious off-roader like we all hoped for. Round headlights paying homage to its first-generation ancestry with an upright grille. Standing tall on all-terrain tires and a high-clearance front bumper. This full-size Bronco is set to officially debut later this month. It is reasonable to assume that when Ford pulls back the satin sheet off this is what we will be greeted with.

Two Door Bronco Leaked

Other news of a two-door 2021 Bronco spy photo has also been leaked today. This definitely cranks the nostalgia up to eleven with a throwback design. Ford giving the people what they want. A boxy, small-ish, capable off-roader to break up the scene currently crowed with Jeep and TRD badges.

While curiosity over how it will look may finally be over. There is still so much more to learn about the new Bronco. Will there be a 5.0-liter V8 option? A Shelby edition? Raptor edition? How many cup holders will it have? On a sad note, this Bronco will not be arriving in dealerships until early 2021. If you see any new Bronco on the road from here until then be sure to check the badge. Odds will be that it is the smaller Bronco Sport.

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  1. That does look nice! I had an old ’68 Half Cab around 30 years ago. One of my major regrets was selling it.

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