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This Is What The Honda S2000 Could Look Like In 2024

The Honda S2000 found worldwide success after the model was launched in 1999 celebrating Honda’s 50th anniversary. It was a brilliant example of Honda’s market-leading engine technology, with the VTEC 2.0-litre four-cylinder producing 240 horsepower. with no turbo or other forms of forced induction, this is a hefty number even now.

The car ended its legacy in just ten years with only a single generation to its name, and since then it’s become even more of a legend in the sports car sector. Manufacturers have often fought for such an involved driving experience, but only few have ever got close.

Enthusiasts often wonder what a modern version of the S2000 would look like and how it would drive, and finally, Somak Biswas has put together a render of what a modern-day version could look like.

The Idea Behind The 2021 Honda S2000

Somak was keen to use current Honda styling as he planned his design. He said the following:

“Following the design language of the recently released Honda Civic 2022, the new S2000 carries it forward in its own beautiful and sports way while being a true S roadster that has always been the would of Honda.”

Because of this, it needed to be a simple design, with clean curves and few angles, but still emphasising the sports car form. A launch in 2024 would be the 25th anniversary of the S2000, while also marking the 75th anniversary of the marque.

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How Does It Look?

Well, like the original, there’s a long hood with the cab being placed at the rear of the car. The form is simple, with few lines while maintaining a good amount of aggressiveness in the design. It definitely retains the design language of the new Honda Civic.

There’s even a Type R version, which takes the aggression to the next level by adding more angles, lips, and sideskirts, as well as a rear wing.

Engine and Power Figures?

Obviously, the car will retain its front-engine, rear-wheel-drive layout. But pulling more power out of a naturally aspirated engine may be tricky. Because of this, Somak explains that in his design, the engine is a longitudinally-mounted turbocharged 2.0-litre inline-4 with 306 horsepower. The new Z4 Roadster produces 335 horsepower in comparison.

What’s The Interior Like?

It’s very modern, with ideas taken from the original S2000 but altered to bring modern technology into the cabin. The stepped centre console modernises the design plenty, but the mood bar that runs the width of the car sets it off. There’s a screen, similar to that of a modern Mercedes or even Honda e, that can be angled to suit the driver’s taste.

Is It Going To Happen?

Honda hasn’t mentioned the S2000 in a long time, and they currently don’t even have a rear-wheel-drive platform to begin a potential design. The value of the investment is likely too high compared to the potential market, so it’s highly unlikely we’ll see such a car from Honda in the near future. But if they did fancy it, they might as well take a look at this.

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