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This Is When The 2022 Ford Ranger Is Being Revealed

Finally, Ford Australia has confirmed when it will debut the next-generation Ranger. Unfortunately, not the pickup variant, but the mid-size truck after rumors of the pickup not going into production until 2023 for the US. Meanwhile, November 24 is the day we should mark on our calendars as one of the most exciting days for the Ford brand. It’s been ten years, but finally, we’re going to be seeing the new T6-gen Ranger.

To accompany the news, Ford has released another teaser image and video combination showing the design process, as well as a dark view of the front fascia. We get to see the C-shaped daytime running lights of what will be a truly global truck, set to be sold in over 180 countries all around the world. Not only that, but it will also serve as the Amarok’s successor under Ford and Volkswagen’s collaboration. It’s safe to say, this will be big.

Ford took notes of what consumers would want to see in the new Ranger during the design phase, and hopefully, their voices have been heard. More than 5,000 interviews were conducted with truck owners to learn what they want from a pickup. In addition, workshops were held with Ranger customers all around the world to find out how they utilized their vehicles and their personal preferences. Ford also made a note of what buyers might desire in the revised Ranger so that these ideas could possibly be implemented into the next vehicle.

Unfortunately for us, we’ll have to wait until the vehicle’s official debut three weeks from now to learn more details about the technical specs. But we expect the new Ranger to offer a plug-in hybrid powertrain for the first time, as well as a pair of turbo diesels made up of a twin-turbo 2.0-liter four-cylinder and a bigger 3.0-liter V6. On top of this, it’s rumored that the high-performance Raptor variant will get a 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 in place of the twin-turbodiesel currently used across the globe by the outgoing model.

Expect a 15.5-inch touchscreen for the portrait-oriented infotainment system, most likely utilizing SYNC 4, as well as a 12-inch driver’s display and a smaller 12-inch center screen for lower-end models. A larger 12-inch fully digital driver’s display is planned, as is a smaller 12-inch center screen for the entry-level trims. Wireless integration of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay will also be available, as well as many other features which we will discover on November 24 when Ford Australia broadcasts the huge debut online on YouTube.

As well as the Ranger, an SUV will also be created from the chassis with the name Everest. But sadly, this will only be sold in certain parts of the world, which will likely be confirmed closer to the time.

As a final note, the Ranger will once again spawn an SUV version taking the shape of the Everest only sold in some parts of the world.

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