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This Mix Of A Dodge Challenger, Viper AND Hellcat Combo Is Muscle Perfection

Here we have what happens when you cross a 1970 Dodge Challenger’s body with a Dodge Viper’s tubular spaceframe chassis, with added supercharged Hellcat power sprinkled in for good measure.

Allow me to present to you, the Highway Star courtesy of Hemi Autoworks in collaboration with Ellsworth Racing. The name, an ode to the 1972 Deep Purple song.. presumably because its.. well, purple.

For anyone concerned about the cross breeding of a Viper and Challenger should not fret as the cars weren’t in a good way when Hemi Autoworks/Ellsworth Racing recovered and restored them, with the images you see here showing you just how rusty and poorly kept they were.

Now, restored to their former glory, the two cars have been amalgamated into quite the creation. The vehicle is going to be making its way to the annual SEMA Show in Las Vegas thats slated for later this year (assuming it takes place).

In order to make the Challenger body fit properly over the space frame, the creators had to stretch the Viper’s chassis by over 1.5 inches across and 13 inches lengthways. In addition, the supplementary flared fenders add another few inches of width to the beast.

Now for the Hellcat bit. The R/T hood houses a 6.2 litre Hellcat V8 with a Kong Performance supercharger and heat shielding spacers from FI Interchillers.

The majority of the engines power comes thanks to the Mantic triple-disc clutch, Viper transmission and its billet flywheel and is responsible for spinning the gorgeous 19-inch Viper wheels. Further upgrades include the brakes, cooling system and coil overs thanks to Complete Performance Motorsports.

Its an incredibly bold and creative move from Hemi Autoworks/Ellsworth Racing and we personally love it. Sadly, you won’t be able buy the Highway Star but after the car has completed its journey to the 2020 SEMA Show it will be raced at various events across the United States.

We’d love to take this one for a spin, but what do you think? Love it or hate it, let us know in the comments.

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