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This Modernised DeLorean Design Needs To Go To Production

A designer named Thiago D3sign has put together a DeLorean render on, called DeLorean Vision Black.

The futuristic design is completely blacked-out with an angular look which seems to take inspiration from DeLorean concepts and future designs. Although there are no interior images, it looks to be a two-seater coupe.

Dark design packages are becoming more and more popular today, especially with the Hyundai Night Edition and the Nissan Midnight Edition.


The DeLorean Vision Black features sharp lines, a retro wing with a DeLorean badge on it, and a prominent front lip. The front headlights are similar to those from the 1980s, as well as the small front grille.

DeLorean rose to fame with the DMC-12 featuring in the Back To The Future film franchise. The company recently made the announcement that they may be coming back with an electric future, releasing designs of what this could look like.

Although this aggressive yet sleek design from Thiago D3sign is just a render, here’s to hoping this comes to production lines with the company at some point in the near future.

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