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This Stanced Nissan 350Z Is Insane With Massive Negative Camber

Many car enthusiasts adore Nissan’s Z-branded sports cars such as the 240Z, 350Z, and more recently the upcoming Fairlady Z from the Japanese marque. In the United States, there’s one 350Z which is a little more striking than the rest, though.

This specific car was found on Reddit, and while it was under the page ‘sh***y car mods’, we believe everyone has the right to modify their car any way they want. Okay, no, I take that back. This is stupid. Looking it up on Instagram we can find plenty more photos of the 350, which has so much negative camber that the undercarriage of the sports car scrapes the floor. This is also known as ‘stanced’.

This 350Z is owned by Instagram user thats_gvbe, and it stands out because of the tremendous amount of camber on the front and, woh, even more at the rear of the car. The ‘stance’ movement entails modifying cars with bewildering amounts of negative camber. Only the inner edge of the tires comes into touch with the road due to this and, while some may like it, it can’t be the safest of mods to carry out.

This Nissan stands out from the crowd because of its distinctive stance as well as a host of other modifications such as a widebody kit and custom front and rear bumpers. The wheels are chrome, of course, and the body panels are wrapped in a bright green wrap. According to his Instagram, it used to be black with metallic flakes.

While we don’t really care for the modifications, the owner clearly adores his vehicle and that is all that matters. The stance game in general can be said to hold a similar sentiment. It certainly irritates many enthusiasts; however, there are many individuals who adore aftermarket wheels with extreme amounts of negative camber. And, hey, they own the car, so why not? As long as it’s not a danger on the road, of course.

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