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This Subaru CrossTrek From Crawford Performance Might Be Too Cool

Lately I’ve really been digging overlanders or crossovers with some mean kit. Maybe it’s a primal reaction to big tires, or maybe it’s the call of nature, trying to pull me away from the ever-increasing problems of city life. Well, UK company Crawford Performance is taking advantage of my feelings, by tempting me with their new Subaru Crosstrek.

Crawford took an already capable Subaru, and lifted it 2 inches, then adds black 15-inch Method wheels. Then they juice up the car’s rubber with some beefy off-roaders, which tug at your heartstrings.

They added a steel bar across the front, and steel rock sliders to the Crosstrek’s sides, which will help protect against the rough scrub you’ll be pushing aside. They protect further, with front and rear end skit plates

No offroader would be complete without adding LED lights, so Crawford have fitted bothe three large spotlights, as well as side-mirror lights. Now when you roll up on an encampment or whatever, you can startle anyone by flooding them with bright lights, like in the movies.

The modest 2.0L boxer engine and CVT transmission gets upgrades in the form of new intake spacers, ans an air-oil separator. Those couple of changes, plus a new exhaust, add about 20 horsepower, making a total of 167 horsepower. That’s not exactly impressive, but it’s totally capable.

I would trust Crawford, who in the past have worked on a Desert Racer Crosstrek that saw them partnered with both Subaru Motorsports and the Grabowski Brothers. If you aren’t in it for a completely custom competition car, this model will more than suffice, and it looks great.

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