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Three Cars Try To Exit Highway Simultaneously – It Doesn’t Go Well

Highways, or motorways as we call them over the pond, are fast, efficient, and safe methods of travelling from A to B. A very small number of accidents actually happen on these roads thanks to how straight and simple their designs are. But every now and then you find someone who hasn’t quite grasped the idea of what an overtaking lane means, or how to change lane safely. But I never expected leaving a highway to be so difficult for some…

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This incident happened in Georgia on a highway exit when three cars decided to exit the road at exactly the same time. How that worked, I’m not so sure. What the drivers were thinking? Again, I’m not sure.

The photos of the accident have come from the Sandy Springs Police Force in Georgia, and shows the three cars getting stuck between the barriers on either side of the exit. The incident is currently under investigation, but fortunately, no injuries were reported – except for the drivers’ egos. 

The cars involved were a GMC Savana, a Ford Mustang, and a GMC Acadia, with the muscle car arguably taking the majority of the damage. 

So, when you’re next on the motorway, think of this incident and remember, you may think you’re the best driver out there. But you’re not the only one on the road. 

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