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Three Teens Who Stole Two Urus Now Charged For Stabbing

A couple of days ago we wrote about three teens who were suspected of stealing two Lamborghini Urus (Uri?) from a dealership in Boston. The story has now become much more serious with the three now being charged for a stabbing in Cambridge, Massachusetts during a crime spree which ran from gas stations to markets.

7 News Boston reports that 18-year-old Elijah McKinney, 18-year-old Christian Virgile, and an unnamed 17-year-old were all charged in connection to a violent knife attack that occurred on 16th of February. It’s thought that this attack was carried out moments before the stealing of the two SUVs.

The police claim that the teenagers stabbed a man a man after he approached the three after they had been seen jumping on his car. After this, and with the two Urus, the boys went on a 22-mile drive from Wayland to Malden where they stopped after rear-ending a red Kia at an intersection. The second Urus then rear-ended the first.

Elijah McKinney of Cambridge was arrested after the crash as Christian Virgile of Malden and the unnamed suspect fled on foot. Virgile was brought into custody at the end of the week, and since February 21, the 17-year-old was also taken in.

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