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Top 10 Worst Drag Racing Crashes From 2019

There’s not a lot that can be said about what happens when drag racing goes wrong. It’s either going to hurt, or really hurt. But our friends at 1320Videos have put together a top 10 list of all the bad crashes they’ve managed to get on camera over the months of 2019. The clips include a moment from Cleetus and Cars that they call Demolition Drags.

The point of this race is to hit the other car at least once before crossing the finishing line, but someone took it a tad too seriously, spinning his competitor where they hit the wall at quite a pace. The airbags went off and he got a bloody nose, but thanks to him wearing a helmet and wearing full safety gear, he came away without any other injury.

Thankfully none of the drivers were seriously hurt, but number 1 on this list surely looks awful, especially from the interior shots that were taken.


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