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Top 5 Car Shows to Motivate Students

Car shows are popular exhibitions of new vehicle models, the latest modifications, and different out-of-production automobiles. In this write-up, we will explore five classic TV programs that can incite automotive energy in young car enthusiasts.


With the amazing advancement of technology, the automotive industry is improving tremendously. The latest vehicles have features that were fictions two decades ago. Over the last few years, the entertainment industry growth has delivered many interesting car shows for students.

Many students dream of fast cars and their constantly updating modifications. The exciting collaboration between the entertainment industry and the automotive industry provides excellent car shows to those passionate about wheels.

These great shows fuel students’ interest in current cars and their features. Studies show that over 30% of college students in Canada show interest in automobiles. However, if you’re looking for paper services to write your essay in Canada for school assignments, you may find help online. There are several essay samples that can improve your knowledge on the topic and help you write a better paper.

In addition, if you want to get professional essays related to the automobile domain, visit Professionals in this service will assist you in writing an outstanding essay to grab the attention of your teacher. Now, let us explore five automobile-based shows that can motivate students.

Fast N’ Loud

Fast n’ Loud is one of the greatest car series available right now. The program features comedy and performances of great and fast automobiles. This show is run in Dallas by a pair of guys who really know what they’re doing. With over fourteen seasons, Richard Rawlings and his team work together at the Gas Monkey Garage to provide fun entertainment to car enthusiasts.

Counting Cars: Pawn Stars Spin-Off

Counting Cars is an interesting product of the famous reality TV show Pawn Stars. This reality show stars Danny Koker, a self-made gear addict and auto enthusiast, also known as The Count. The episodes depict Count’s Customs vehicle restoration business and the numerous classic cars and motorbikes that have been brought in for repair and resale.

With over 180 episodes, this TV program, there’s plenty to get your teeth into.

Formula 1: Drive to Survive

Drive to Survive is produced in partnership with Formula One. It’s a docuseries based on the Formula One World Championship. This program features everything of the drama, excitement, breathtaking speed, and terrifying accidents that come with famous winners of this brutal sport.

Chasing Classic Cars: The Best of Classics

This is a fantastic car-based series for anyone who likes old vehicles. The host Wayne Carini hunts out and repairs the greatest classic cars from various eras with the aim of selling them. The fascinating thing about this program is Carini’s ability to track down even the most elusive of masterpieces.

Restorations, on the other hand, may not necessarily result in successful selling. There have been thirteen seasons and 181 episodes so far.

Street Outlaws: Cars Plus Street Racing

Street Outlaws is another master auto show that is mainly based on street racing. So, if you want to see cars showing youwhat they can really do, this is the right program for you as a student. It’s been observed that the spirit of racing helps students aim higher in their education with the mindset of studying hard to get a fast ride.

Different casts and crews feature on Street Outlaws, and the street races make way for high competition and interesting finishes. If you crave the insane speed of street cars, Street Outlaws will satisfy your curiosity.


Automobiles are getting better, more efficient, and more sophisticated every day. With the help of the TV and online entertainment industry, the industry has thrived.

There are hundreds of automobile-based programs on TV. Out of this many shows, we have assembled five of them with the potential to motivate students. These five top car shows will go a long way to build the wild and imaginative minds of young students. It might even encourage them to pursue a career in automobile engineering.

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