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Top Gear’s Chris Harris Discusses The Mustang Mach-E

Ford’s new Mustang Mach-E made quite the splash in the motor industry when it was revealed earlier this year. Fans of the iconic muscle car spat at the fact this SUV was named after one of the most well known American cars in the world, and on top fo that, it was an EV! But was Ford stupid for sticking on the pony badge? Top Gear’s Chris Harris gives us his sensible opinion.

“I’ve liked [Mustangs] in the past, I’m not a massive aficionado. I’ve owned a Camaro for a long time so shows you that I don’t have any.. I don’t wear the badge with pride, no,” Harris says. On being asked about the Mach-E he steps up to the plate and defends the car. “I might surprise you now and defend this somewhat. I think it’s a clever gamble.”

He explains how Ford has made the right decision to move the Mustang name forward into a future where Tesla cars are popular. By adding the Mustang brand to the EV and using a similar design language, it gives the new car an appealing identity which Teslas haven’t got. He explains that Mustang fans aren’t going to stop buying the Mustang because of this EV, so why wouldn’t they do this?

Ford has also recently revealed a small SUV that’s taken the Puma name of an old Ford sports car. Harris once again defends this, saying that the only people who were annoyed by that was the Puma racing club. Ford needed a name, and since they already owned it, why bother coming up with something new? The Puma was never iconic and it was never overly popular, so who cares?

Harris and Jack Rix continue the conversation onto Porsche, then finish with a simple question. What Mustang would Harris own from over the years? “A Boss 302 would be the one,” he answers.

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  1. it’s a travesty to stick the Mustang name on this thing….they could have brought back the “Probe” name and would have been far more appropriate IMHO Probe GTE.

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