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Toyota Land Cruiser Rams Man On Scooter In Random Attack

Vancouver, Washington has brought us one of the weirdest hit and runs we’ve ever seen here at GTN. It begins with a man, screaming and cussing at a driver of a Toyota Land Cruiser. Obviously, something has gone down prior to the camera being turned on, but the driver of the large SUV is slowly losing his patience with the man who’s on a weird scooter… thing.

It’s possible that the man behind the bars of the scooter is drunk, but we’re yet to find out as he pulls up to the right of the SUV. Quickly, the driver of the car slams his brakes on, taking the scooter guy by surprise as dodges the mirror and end up ahead of the Toyota. This is where the driver sees his chance to intimidate his opponent here on the road, and hits the throttle before slamming into the side of the scooter.

The man with the scooter tries to compose himself but ends up falling over himself on the sidewalk – one reason why I think he was drunk – and the Land Cruiser driver pedals it away before the camera can get a good look at his number plate. It’s just worth saying right now that I think the Cruiser sounds pretty good, too. But anyway.

The hit wasn’t too hard, as the driver slowed the car before they collide, but it must have caused squeaking rear for the man on the… I still don’t know what that is, can anyone help me? The scooter guy got up eventually, seemingly unharmed but shaken by the whole experience, and apparently a a report has been filed to the police who have been able to identify the car.

It’s not known if the police have had any luck finding the driver, but this sure acts as a warning to anyone who thinks they’re safe on the road. You never know what kind of day someone has had, or how they’re feeling. So please, let’s stay safe and polite. We all have to share the road.

Now can someone please tell me what on Earth that scooter is?

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