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Truck Falls Into Chasm In Dramatic Footage From India

While most of us have probably had our fair share of scary moments behind the wheel, nothing even comes close to what you’re about to see here. In the below video, you can see a truck driving across a very rickety looking bridge, before disaster strikes..

The truck, which was carrying an excavation machine in the northern state of India known as Uttarakhand – according to reports, the construction equipment was on its way to be used in the construction of the 65km motorway from Milam, heading towards the border of China.

The truck driver begins the crossing as he means to go on, and that is extremely carefully, you can see him making sure each exact movement is correct as while the bridge appears to be holding well at the moment, it is still incredibly narrow.

The driver actually manages to make his way over the majority of the bridge, but just as he was reaching the final hurdle the bridge itself begins to twist.

Before the driver can do anything about it, the entire bridge has now collapsed and the truck has fallen into the precipice below.

The video shows the truck and excavator on its side in the gorge below. Thankfully the fall wasn’t far as it appears at first but it doesn’t stop this being an incredibly dangerous and serious incident.

Amazingly, according to Times Now News, the driver and another passenger in the truck survived the fall, but were sadly taken to a nearby hospital with serious injuries, they’ll live though thankfully. Remarkably, even the man who was following behind the truck, came out unharmed.

Thankfully everyone survived and while the injuries to some were serious, none were life threatening. It would appear that the bridge itself was already worse for ware and poorly maintained, the weight of both the truck and the excavator was probably over the bridges max capacity and all these aspects combined caused the bridge to collapse.

I’ll certainly be a lot more wary of crossing bridges after seeing this video!

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