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Trump vs. Biden Whose Car Collection Is Best?

With the 2020 election reaching a boiling point and just a few days left until the polls close, tensions are higher than ever. With rival news channels doing their best to report the exact opposite of each other, it can be confusing on who to believe. Well, we at Grand Tour Nation have addressed this issue and have finally come up with a way to see through all the bureaucracy and fake news. We will be judging these 2020 Presidential candidates…on their cars. 

First up is the Scraton kid himself, Joe Biden. The former Vice President is a self proclaimed car guy, foreal, man. The multi-millionaire has humble dreams, stating that his dream car is a Corvette Z06. When in office, and due to the secret service driving prohibition, Biden broke the rules one day and decided to do burnouts in his driveway in a CTS-V. Bidens favorite car is his 1967 Goodwood-Green Corvette with a 327 under the hood. The car was a present from his children and has been in his garage ever since. Biden has also owned a 1956 Ford and a Mercedes 190SL. A modest and mostly American car collection from Joe. 

Next up is billionaire and President of the United States Donald Trump. Trump has always led a very glamorous lifestyle. The real-estate tycoon was a global icon even before his Presidency, owning everything from a 24-karat gold plated helicopter to his own personal skyscraper in New York City. As you can imagine his car collection is no different. One of Trump’s most impressive cars that he has owned is the Lamborghini Diablo. The President has quite the taste for supercars which include Ferrari F430 and a Mercedes SLR Mclaren. Some of his more luxurious cars that he can be chauffeured in the back of are his Mercedes Maybach (6.0 liter twin turbocharged V12) and a 1956 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud. Despite the President’s love for American coal, he owns an original Tesla Roadster. His collection also includes a fleet of private jets and helicopters, a 24-karat gold chopper and for the last 4 years The Beast. 

These 2 candidates have quite different collections, Joe with the classic muscle cars and Trump with his golden supercars. Now it is time for choosing between these two.  Both have owned Mercedes, Trump with the legendary hypercar SLR Mclaren and Joe with the classic 190SL. It is very interesting that both Presidential candidates have owned cars manufactured in the year of 1956. That is about as even of a playing field as we are going to get. So if you strolled up to the dealership in 1956, which would you choose, a Ford or Rolls-Royce? Tell us in the comments who you think has the best car collection.

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  1. Trump just hides them in a garage, he’s from NY, and likely can’t drive. Let us also not forget that his hands a physically too small to drive. I believe he is disqualified.

  2. Biden seems more like a car guy and even though trump has supercars. I would rather have bidens.

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