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Video: This Is What Happens When You Remove The Suspension From A Car

The suspension is of the utmost importance to any car, whatever its use. Have you driven a remote-controlled car over a bumpy surface only to watch it fly into the air when it hits a bump the wrong way?

A well chosen set of springs and dampers enables a car to be able to take a bump as speed, while not upsetting the overall ride. There’s an excellent video on the evolution of a suspension system on YouTube, which I’ll embed below.

As you can see, the springs and dampers allow the wheels to move upwards and downwards, while always returning to their original positions. But what happens when you take away this system on a full-sized car? YouTuber Mastermilo82 decided to do the hard work for us. Each damper has been replaced with rigid steel tubing, which have been welded into place. The results aren’t exactly back friendly.

As you can see from this hilarious video above, there’s a lot of movement from the car even on what looks to be a smooth road surface. And because the car is bouncing over the bumps with only the compression of the tyres to absorb any hits, grip is minimal.

I think I might have to give this a try myself, but if you’re thinking the same thing, keep to private roads! This goes to show just how important a suspension system is for the performance of the car, and your back.

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