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Video: This One Rock Is Notorious For Flipping SUVs

A rock from Omaha has become famous overnight due to the danger it poses to SUV drivers. It’s not badly placed or hard to spot, but it catches the worst drivers who aren’t willing to look in the direction their car is travelling.

According to a report from KETV media, over a dozen vehicles have been caught out by this rock which is supposed to stop people from driving over the pavement. It turns out that these bad drivers have tried to cut the corner, meaning their cars’ undercarriages have unfortunately come in contact with the obstacle.

More SUVs than any other vehicle have hit this because of it short height and their SUV’s high driving position, and drivers not paying attention to where they are going haven’t spotted it before taking a sharper corner than they should.

No one has been injured, but the number of SUVs getting stuck on this rock does not seem to be dropping, proving that something is definitely wrong with the spatial awareness of some drivers.

Maybe a lighthouse may be a better option?

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