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Vin Diesel Speaks Directly To Fans In New Fast 9 Trailer As They Address Pandemic

Vin Diesel has returned to the screen in a trailer for Fast 9 to address fans directly in a rather sombre tone. It begins with him behind the wheel of a black widebody Dodge Challger, noting all the differences the pandemic has made to the world, albeit with a Fast and Furious spin – “the roads were a little empty”, etc.

It’s a lovely bit of cinematography with the camera curving and twisting around the muscle car as Vin reels off emotional lines about how the last year has been challenging. “But there’s one place where we all came together to be entertained,” he says as he gets out of the car and looks directly at the camera. “The movies,” he says.

“There’s nothing like that moment when the lights go down, the projector ignites, and we believe,” he growls as his little intro fades into a new trailer for the film. It’s very nicely done to be honest, with Vin Diesel’s voice dubbed over the shots explaining how it’s “time to come back together”. There are lots of Corona beer cheersing and cheesy lines.

“Nobody does a comeback like the movies,” Vin tells us as his character Dom Toretto survives several missiles to the face. And of course, we get to see Sung Kang reprising the role of Han.

The Fast and Furious returns June 25th, but all the previous Fast and Furious movies are also free to watch at specific theatres across the US. You can hear all about that on Sung Kang’s site, Sung’s Garage. 

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