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VW Reveals Sneak Peak At New VW Golf Mk 8

The 24th of October is an extremely important date, because due to be revealed is the oh so exciting new VW Golf Mk 8. The Golf has been said to be one of the most perfect cars on the road with enough space and ride comfort for everyday driving, but with a chassis that can take you down a country road and put a smile on your face from ear to ear. This is the next level of perfection from our German friends, and this is our sneak peak.

The new car doesn’t look like it’s straying far from the aesthetic design of the outgoing model – perfectly fine as the outgoing model still looks modern and fit on any road today. It could be slightly wider, with a larger grill and a more aggressive front fascia. VW have one hell of a design team (see the ID3) so we trust in their judgment.

VW Reveals Sneak Peak At New VW Golf Mk 8

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Inside we’re going to be treated to more screen and more tech. In fact, take the interior from an S-Class, scale it down slightly, and you’ll have something very similar. I would think also, with more screen space, physical buttons will be toned down, leaving more space for the passengers.

Just like the previous generation, the Golf lineup will feature hybrid models, but as far as we know, the GTI will be pure internal combustion engine.

VW Reveals Sneak Peak At New VW Golf Mk 8

This will be the car for all other hatchbacks to beat, so we should expect a slurry of competition. It’s going to be a good end to the month!

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