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Watch a 4,000 HP Corvette Take Flight

When I first saw Back To the Future II as a kid and imagined flying cars in my future, I wasn’t expecting something like this, though to be honest, this isn’t any less awesome. It’s a question I have asked myself a few times in the past: just how powerful does a car need to be to actually take flight?

It turns out 4,000 HP is enough. At the Radial Revenge Tour held at Tulsa Raceway on April 1st, Alepa Racing’s twin-turbo C7 Corvette did exactly that. It came, it saw, it tried to conquer, and it flew. In all seriousness, this could have had a much more somber ending as the Corvette flew into the adjacent lane during the run, but luckily it looks like no one was hurt.

Alepa Racing’s Daniel Pharris was behind the wheel in the C7 during the 1/8 mile competition. The car itself actually looks really cool; basically it looks like a Corvette shaped spaceship. It was a beautiful looking car with the power to match. Pharris was up against a Camaro, and the race started as one would expect. However, when both cars lifted their noses off the ground upon launch, two things happened:

1) The Camaro quickly came back down and continued on its merry way.

2) The Corvette did not come back down and soon found itself in the air.

The Corvette flew over the center line and parts started flying off in mid-air. It eventually came down in the other lane, luckily missing the Camaro, with more parts falling off. Eventually, the C7 came to a rest in its own lane, with Pharris unharmed. Interestingly enough, Pharris got a 4.6-second run at 226.9 MPH, which is impressive considering the car spent a good chunk of the run vertical in mid-air.

Despite essentially exploding, the C7 will race again. Pharris Motorsports stated that the car will be repaired and back on the track.

SOURCE | Pharris Motorsports

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