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Watch A Ford Mustang Pull Out After Crashing Only To Cause Another Crash

Why is it always the Ford Mustang that gets involved in the most stupidity? It’s like the cars attract stupid drivers, but hey, we’re more than happy to cover this stupidity, with the latest example being caught on dashcam.

The camera sits on the dash of a 2015 Ford Focus driving down a highway in the US. Commenting on Reddit, the driver of the Focus explains that he saw two cars sitting on the emergency lane after getting into an accident: a black sedan, and a red Ford Mustang.

Just as the Focus drives past, the Mustang driver, for some reason, floors it, leaving tyre marks on the floor and kicking its tail into the central divider. The Focus driver hits the brakes at 60mph but it’s too late, and within a split second it hits the front corner of the Mustang.

The Focus flew through the four lanes of the highway before hitting the wall on the other side, but thankfully only suffered from bruising thanks to the seatbelt. The Mustang driver was given a large collection of tickets by the police who showed up at the scene later.

The Focus was totalled by the driver’s insurance company, and it’s likely the Mustang was, too. Hopefully, he got his license taken off him for such idiotic actions.

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