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Watch a Kid And Cringe He Crawls Over A 2020 Shelby GT500

Kids Do the Darndest Things…

At an auto show YouTuber K4ISER 5.0 recorded footage of a young kid climbing onto the hood of a 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. Using the Shelby’s hood vents for leverage in order to get a closer look at its Twisted Orange glossy finish. Anyone who likes cars will cringe at seeing this. In cases like this, the first question often is, “where are the parents?” Speculation would say they were off checking out the latest Ford Explorer while Junior was using a 200 mph Shelby as a Jungle-Jim.

Auto shows are great because they give people the chance to step inside a variety of vehicles from nearly every manufacture in one location. Without the hassle of a salesperson trying to do their representation of Glengarry Glen Ross. It’s like a buffet for car buyers. Plus, all the shiny cars can be a visual stimulation for kids, and provide a necessary distraction for parents just trying to keep their kids entertained on a weekend.

The way it works at an auto show is that you can step inside most vehicles on display. Open the glove box, pop the hood, sit inside the trunk if you want. All while a paid brand representative spouts out the bullet point features on the vehicle that have been burned into their short-term memory. Yet, even in a place like this sometimes people get a little too carried away or take advantage. Manufactures plan ahead by often removing shift knobs from certain models.

Kids leaving fingerprints on a high-performance sports car is a good example to support the Geneva Motor Show‘s decision to cancel this year. A lot of hands, from around the world, touching the same interior can spread germs like wildfire. That’s without even mentioning the crop dusting hurricanes of saliva from people talking inside these cars.

Grand Tour Nation PSA – Clean Your Car!

News of the Coronavirus has many people on edge and looking for face masks. Here at GTN we have our own PSA to spread awareness. Clean the interior of your car! Wipe down steering wheels, door handles, gear levers, and infotainment screens. Wipe it down like your trying to remove all fingerprints off a stolen car. Your fingerprints!

This goes double for any ride-sharing drivers.

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  1. Just like mcclusky Chevrolet when the employees lay on the cars in their commercials

  2. Well, he’s no worse than that giant doofus Freddie Flintoff sitting on every car he sees while wearing jeans with.

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