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Watch A Thief Getting His Getaway Van Stolen While He Steals From A Business

Irony. That’s how this day turned out when Washington State Police were called out for a stolen pickup on Sunday morning. In the town of Kennerwick, Washington, a man named William A. Kelley, 42, allegedly parked his red 1992 Chevrolet pickup truck opposite a business with the aim to steal from them.

While Kelly was in the store, another man riding a bicycle noticed that the keys to his truck had been left in the car, so proceeded to throw his bike onto the bed of the vehicle and drive off with it.

Once the burglary had taken place, Kelly came running out of the business to find that his truck had been stolen, and using the surveillance video (above) was soon identified by police and charged for second-degree burglary.

The truck thief and the truck itself are yet to be found, but the police are enlisting the help of the public to help with their investigations.

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