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Watch A Toyota GR Yaris Hit Its Top Speed On The Autobahn

It’s safe to say that Top Gear’s Chris Harris adored the new Toyota GR Yaris with him giving it a shining review on the BBC car show. But while we love those TV reviews, especially from Harris, sometimes we want the raw experience of being sat in the car as someone drives fast. For this style of video, we go straight to AutoTopNL, which provides us with exactly what we’re after.

The Yaris can do just about everything that’s been thrown at it over the short amount of time it’s been available to reviewers, but now the guys at AutotopNL have taken it to the Autobahn to see just how the rally homologation hot hatch copes with a high-speed run. The first few attempts were ruined by traffic, but the final attempt sees the car accelerate all the way up to its electronically limited top speed of 143mph. This most certainly isn’t a car built for your nan.

The thing is, if you watch the moment the car hits its top speed, you can see that there’s still plenty of steam left, making me wonder just how fast it could go if the limiter was removed. Unfortunately, I don’t think Toyota will ever remove the limiter – after all, the company hasn’t got a habit of charging someone several hundreds of dollars to plug a computer into it to remove a limiter. We’re looking at you, BMW.

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