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Watch Four Generations Of BMW M3 Fight It Out In Drag Race

Let’s face it, the BMW M cars are legends. So getting the four biggest fish from this line of royalty is quite the ask. CarWow however, have managed to pull it off. And boy have they done it well.

They held a reunion at the end of a rather long runway and, as if by magic, a drag race was planned. So, what do we have?

We start with the E30 Roberto Ravaglia Edition. It’s named after one of the most successful touring car drivers of all time and therefore boasts an extreme rarity. The E46 is an M3 CSL, a car that many believe to be the best of the M3 heritage. The E92 is yet another rare one, boasting the GTS badge on its rear and everything that accompanies it – including a high price tag. The final car of the lineup is the F80 M3 CS – an extreme and powerful M car with plenty of performance to spare on the road.

But this isn’t the road, this is a track, where each car can put all of their horses to the tarmac at once. And while the outcome of the race isn’t such a surprise, what is a surprise is the gap between each model.

Watch the video and you’ll see what we mean. And whoever slates turbo power over naturally aspirated engines, well this just goes to show a turbos merits.

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