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Watch: Nissan GT-R With $20k Bodykit Crashes In Pure Ford Mustang Fashion

An unfortunate turn of events left a tastefully modified Nissan GT-R to get wrapped around a tree. Well, almost. The incident occurred in Connecticut when the driver lost control while exiting the Central Connecticut State University’s C3 car show on Sunday, April 10.

The GT-R was fitted with a rare Kamizake-R Ver. 2 Super Sonic” body kit from Varis, which according to the website is worth $20,775. The modified Japanese Supercar had won the ‘Best in Show’ award- a factor that might have inflated the driver’s ego.

If only the driver knew that he was going to lose quite a lot in a few moments, he could’ve gone home with the car and the award.

The video below shows the driver exiting the event and arriving at the junction that had a lot of people around. He then turns left and gives it all the beans. The intention mostly was to show off a drift or something on public road. Teriyaki boy indeed huh!

Assuming the tires were cold, the situation immediately turns ugly as the car does not remain in a straight line. When he tries to counter the slide, the tail steps out and sends the GT-R sideways into the tree with all its wheels spinning.

Here’s the video of the incident:

Fortunately, the driver wasn’t injured since the airbags saved him. But, the car was damaged quite badly and was mostly a write-off.

The incident however teaches us some important do’s and don’t which brings us to ‘GTN’s 5 Lessons of Wisdom’:

  1. There are high chances of you crashing into something after winning an event. So remain extra careful and mindful if you’ve won something. Just being ‘smug’ would be best,
  2. A crash is more exciting to boys and girls in hoodies than a powerslide.
  3. A GT-R wrapped around a tree is a better crowd magnet than a GT-R with an expensive body kit. Period.
  4. Carry Tire warmers with you in case you can’t stop yourself from showing off. But there’s no guarantee they’ll be helpful.
  5. Always aim for the tree and not the divider.

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