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WATCH: Stranger Saves a Mazda RX-7 From Flooding

File this one under heartwarming. A man on Facebook got the attention of the car world this week when he posted photos online during a flood.

Austin Owens stumbled upon a beautiful Mazda RX-7 at the Biloxi Golden Nugget Casino in Mississippi. He became concerned when he saw that the garage it was parked in had started to flood with rainwater, and quickly sprung into action.

Mazda RX-7
Austin Owens’ Facebook

Ownes got the car lifted up onto cinder blocks to save the car from completely being submerged by water. Owens spoke about the act after pictures of his kind deed made their way around Facebook groups.

To clarify the owners did care about the car and was put there due to a leak in the top and did not expect the tropical storm to get out of hand the way it did they got the black [Ferrari] 360 out as we were pulling in and put wooden blocks under the rx7 right before we arrived we replaced wood with the center blocks I purchased on the way there and got the engine off the ground farther to prevent damage…

Whatever the case, this kind act is certainly not something that the average person would think to do. Obviously, Austin is a car fan and did not want to see this car go to waste.

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