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Watch The 2021 Ford Bronco Drive Hell’s Revenge Rock Crawling Trail Like It’s Nothing

We recently showed you a video of the new 2021 Ford Bronco being taken over some pretty gnarly rock trails. Unfortunately, we’re not sure the driver was feeling it that day, so the car didn’t perform overly well thanks to poor lines and, well, driving. Sorry.

But now, on an off-road testing course at Moab, Utah, this video shows exactly what the Bronco is capable of. The SUV eats up the trail like it’s nothing, and even climbs through a canyon with only the very edges of the tyres making contact. It just keeps moving.

Not only can we see that the car is more than capable of the meanest off-roading, but we get to see a good selection of options and available chassis types like the soft and hard top variations. With the doors off, this thing looks like it could take on almost anything.

Deliveries start next year in the Spring of 2021, but we’re sure that we’ll get plenty more of these videos as it gets more irresistible for Ford to show off this magnificent thing. So far, Ford has had over 230,000 Broncos reserved by customers, which would reportedly take 18 months for Ford to fulfill. It’s a hard life being a successful automaker.

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