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Watch The Devel Sixteen Launch With 3000HP

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The Devel Sixteen is certainly an interesting specimen of a car. For a long time, no one believed it was even real. After all, all we saw in the way of proof was a few videos of it rolling off a transporter. It might as well have been a rolling chassis – and that’s what many people saw it as. Not exactly oozing the performance of a car that’s supposedly capable of breaking the 300mph barrier was it?

Now, they’ve added another video to their portfolio of what has been so far, useless content. This video shows the 3000hp, v16 Devel launching down a quiet road. The company says that this is only on 20% throttle, and if this is true, it has me slightly impressed. As does the sound erupting from those fighter jet-like exhausts.

3000hp should make their target speed of 320mph reachable, but as Bugatti has found, tyres that are capable of those kinds of forces are hard to come by. Maybe an extra 2000hp on top of that could help?  Well that’s exactly what they’ve done.

Their top spec Devel will have 5007hp, a drag racing transmission, and will more than likely have an even higher top speed. But let’s reserve any opinions until we’ve seen proof.



Alex Harrington

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