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Watch The Ferrari P4/5 Being Expertly Detailed In This Incredibly Satisfying Video

The Ferrari P4/5 was built for James Glickenhaus over 15 years ago. Despite this, it’s one of the most recognisable Ferraris ever to be built. But while some may keep this one-off in a garage or even museum, Glickenhaus drives his often. Luckily for one of our favourite car detailers Larry Kosilla from AMMO NYC, it gets very dirty.

With the car sitting in the AMMO NYC HQ, Larry was given the job of a thorough wash and full paint detail.

He sets off with a rinse down before coating it in a snow foam consisting of AMMO Brute and Foam at a 1:1 ratio along with water. The wheels are cleaned first as the snow foam dissolves any leftover dirt, and eventually, the car was rinsed again before being washed fully with microfibre towels and small brushes for the intricate parts like badging and lighting.

It was at this point the general wear and tear scratches became visible on the paint, so it was dried with microfibres and compressed air so the team could get started on the paint correction. But before this, they had to give the carbon fibre under the frunk, rear engine cover, and behind the doors a once over using Frothe so they could be polished, too.

After this satisfying part of the process, the interior was vacuumed and cleaned using a host of AMMO interior products before the team finally started polishing the paint and carbon fibre, giving it the attention it deserved.

To polish, the team used a mixture of Maguiar’s products.

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