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Watch The GMC Hummer EV ‘Crab Mode’ In Real Life On The Road

The upcoming GMC Hummer EV isn’t just throwing incredible performance figures at us, it’s also handing us a host of extra features such as its Crab Walk feature, which allows all four of its wheels to turn in one direction.

The thing is, we haven’t actually seen this in real life. We’ve seen it in a very convincing bit of CGI, but until today, it’s been a myth. This crab-walking feature was designed to be used off-road, allowing the car to be driven diagonally to manoeuvre around different objects with ease compared to normal cars. On the road, however, it just looks really cool, and I expect the majority of owners will just use it to show off. And rightly so.

The video you can see above was originally captured by Michael H. Fletcher on Instagram and later shared by the company, Mod Mafia, which specialises in Hummer modifications. It shows a pre-production Hummer EV and, as you can see, it’s rather torn down with no sideskirts, arches, and different tweaks from front to back. While it’s being video, the driver of the car thought it would be good fun to entertain the man behind the camera, so he enabled crab mode, allowing the car to turn slightly to the right as it continued in traffic.

However much Hummer sugar coats the feature, it doesn’t really serve any purpose bar looking cool. And hey, why not? It’s created a lot of talk around the upcoming car and it’s certainly wet our appetite for when the production car is finally seen on the road. We might even be able to play with the car ourselves. Maybe…

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