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Watch The Gordon Murray Automotive T.50 Scream At Its Reveal At Goodwood

The Goodwood Member’s Meeting is now underway. But while it’s smaller than the usual Goodwood Festival of Speed and the classic weekend of racing, the Revival, it’s a chance for some of the greatest manufacturers in the world to show off their latest creations.

This car, for example, is the Gordon Murray T.50. It’s the legendary designer’s first car under his new company, and it came to the circuit with one hell of a soundtrack. The three-seater supercar completed three laps in the video below, sounding fantastic with Dario Franchitti behind the wheel of the T.50 for these sessions.

Yes, the T.50 has a lot in common with the McLaren F1, which isn’t exactly a surprise, since it’s designed by Gordon Murray, the engineer who created the F1. So of course there are many design similarities between this and prior ultimate McLarens, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

For those unfamiliar with it, the T.50’s thundering 4.0-liter V12 is a custom Cosworth/Gordon Murray Automotive engine with 654 horsepower (488 kilowatts) and 344 pound-feet of torque, with a redline of 12,100 rpm. It only weighs 178 kg (392 pounds), making it allegedly the lightest road-going V12 ever produced. Each T.50 buyer meets with the firm to customize the seat position, steering wheel adjustments, and foot pedals based on personal preference. It’s an entirely one-off build for each customer.

Of course, this costs a pretty penny, with the price tag sitting at a whopping £2.36 million before taxes. Only 100 of these will be built, but a following variant named after Formula 1 racing legend Niki Lauda will follow with another 25 units.

The Gordon Murray T.50 is expected to begin manufacturing in January 2022, with deliveries to its high-end consumers following a few months later.

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