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Watch The Longest Ever Hot Wheels Track In The World

A group of Hot Wheels enthusiasts from Pennsylvania has built a track measuring an impressive 2,176 ft 2 inches. At this length, the Guinness Book of World Records has claimed it to be the longest track ever built, making it record-breaking.

A team from a company called Benesch, an engineering firm specialising in transportation, used a day off to build this feat of toy engineering, breaking the previous world record of 1,941 feet from NASCAR star Joey Logano, which we reported on at the time.

The whole track uses gravity to push the car down the couple of thousand metres of track and travelled at an average speed of 8.5 mph. That’s high for a car with the weight of a camera on it. Obviously, the weight of the car helped it roll down the hill the track was built on.

Take a look at the record-breaking run in the video below!

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