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Watch The Porsche Taycan Turbo S Take On The Moose Test

The Moose Test is a great way to see, not necessarily the handling performance of a car, but a car’s balance as it swerves and quickly changes direction under speed. It’s difficult, proven by the new Toyota Supra which, by all means, is a good car, but came under criticism when it’s Moose Test results weren’t what we were expecting.

Now, the 750hp Porsche Taycan Turbo S has taken on the test, and it quickly results in positive comments from the tester. This isn’t a surprise with so much of the car’s weight being dropped to the floor of the car in the form of its batteries, lowering its centre of gravity.

Despite it knocking some cones over early on, it passes with a speed of 48mph, which is very good for a car weighing in at 5,225 lbs. However, this doesn’t quite beat the Tesla Model 3 which holds the record alongside the Ford Focus RS. Both of these cars completed the short course at a speed of 51.5mph. However, the Model 3 is also 4.7 inches narrower than the Porsche, so credit where credit is due to the German brand.

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